Hi There!

Hello Divas!!!! 

This is My First Post on this Blog…YAAAAYYYY!!!! (lol! Yea…Im Silly!)

I Just Wanted to introduce myself. I’m Stephanie. I LOVE Fashion and I LOVE Make-up! Im a Self-Proclaimed Shop-o-Holic and Im a Very Creative Person (which isn’t always a good thing…my fellow “creators” might agree…So Many Ideas So Little time!)
I Work at a Well-known Re-tailor as A Merchandiser and Manager and I Adore Helping People with there Fashion Woahs! And BOY are a lot of people confused ::shaking head at crocks with white tube socks and that hat that is NOT hiding that bad hair day!::
Oh Yea…Im a foodie!! So if you see a random food post don’t count it against me! (Me and my Niece refer to this as a Fat Girl Moment! LOL!)
But Anyway!! That’s Enough about me…what about you???

Tell me something about your self?? Maybe your Favorite Lip Color? Designer?? Or your Favorite “I Dont Care how many calories because thats besides the point” food? 

Hope I here from you soon Gorgeous People!!!



P.S Visit my YouTube Channell…Its Free!! (Shhhsshhhh!! Dont Tell Anyone…;)

My YouTube Channel

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