Felt Vintage yesterday…

I would love to have taken an ootd pic…but nothing would go right after comming home from a hard days work last night ::sighs::…It took 8 tries to record my ootd for my YouTube channel. When I finally got a decent recording…i was too too tired to deal anymore and said “Im done.” Lol…but I did manage to get a few accesorie pictures…so I created this collage. I live the scarf and it rich fringe and tonal pinkish and olivr tones. The gold oval hoops are a staple in my accesorie collection…specially when I need something…but not too much. I have had those Comfort View shoes for a minuit now…but they are my new favorite casual flat!! They added a classic vintage feel but still remaines understated and neutral. Hope u go visit my YT page and see the whole outfit!
Talk to yall soon!

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