The Hunt For Cute Flats Continues….

SSOTD: (Shopping Spotlight of the Day!) Here are some Pretty Cute n Comphy Flats that I Bought from Target today! They were $19.99 and they are from the spring collection, so no sale for now! lol! But since I wear a size 11…I went ahead and scooped them up NOW! lol! So heres the Who, whats, and When’s of it all!

Like I Said, the Spring Collection is Really being shopped now! Specially with all the Guest Desighners Like Prabal Gurung for Target, who has some AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE Selections for the High-Fashion Diva’s who are on a Budget!!! I Mean Who could resist these Adorable, Yet Edgy Flats???  
Well…I mean…when there open…There Closed here..Err….Whateva!! JUST GOOO When you Can! LOL!
Love Hugz and Kisses to you all!!!

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