All that Glitters…

Good Morning!

I am feeling some kind of way right now. I Feel Like my life is VERY Crowded and in turn, so are my thoughts! So I’m on my Blog today VENTING…out loud!!! This is DEF a Double Latte moment! (LOL!)
You see…my life had changed a lot…Personal, business and so forth. I Got promoted at my job a couple of months back…and I went from an hourly associate who was shoved out the door at 35 hours to a Salaried Manager who work all kinds of LOOOONNGGGGG Hours…sometimes 70 hour weeks…(one week i worked 5 Doubles!!! and got ONE day off!!! ) in this transition period, I lost what little organization I had…i was barely having time to sleep…PLUS I was Attempting to Pull my weight on the #FashionistaPartyShow. I didn’t have any time to tend to my OWN YouTube Channel…write to you guys on this Blog. I WAS (and still am…but I’m working on it…:D ) a MESS!!!
And in my personal life (Yea…I’m laying it All out there!!!) I’m struggling as well. I Have no time to see my significant other, because were not “shaking up” so to speak. I Really want to get married…but that’s a whole nother’ Blog post!!! LMAO!!! I have NO social life and I STILL haven’t found an Apartment that I want to move to! my 33 Year Old life can NO LONGER be contained in my little Bedroom…its spreading all over the house!! And Every time I have to urge to “Go IN’ and clean everything up, the sight of the amount of Stuff i have to do makes me crash and burn, specially on the 4 hours of sleep I normally get!
All this stress causes me to eat horribly and Shop in what little down time I have…(Is this cheaper then therapy??? Monetarily YES…in the long run…no :/ ) So what a tangled web we weave…right?? Like I need more stuff!!! LOL!
I’m not telling you these things to say WOE IS ME!!!. All I’m saying is that Life throws “STUFF” at you, and being Human Beings, Specially a Female Human Beings, we tend to WANT to do what Everyone expects of us and WANT to be apart of every “good” thing that comes our way. The Reality of it is…we need to learn to do whats BEST for us and know, that its OK…to say…NO!!! NO NO NO DAMMIT!!
I Cant work 12 hours today! I Cant Take part of this Event because I’m Extremely Tired. I Can’t do this Project, can I delegate this to someone else? I Cant Make BOTH Baby Showers This weekend…Ill send a Gift! I cant Lend you the money, but I can try to Help you with your budget. Do y’all Fell me????
“Blow Away the Excess!! Some Things are REAL GOLD! Cherish Them! Some Things are Just Shiny and Sparkly….They Will Fade away in Time Anyway…”  -Stephanie Robertson, Life, Beauty and Fashion Blogger
Now my Title is “All that Glitters…”. What I Mean is Society makes objects, Events, opportunities, etc. Seam EXTRA FABULOUS!!! DON’T Get Caught up in the HYPE!!! Learn About things for yourself…What may seem AWESOME to another might just be BLAH to you. But know you’ve Spent you money on the newest “HYPE” Product (Or Your time on a project or Event…How ever it applies to your case) and all you have to show for is a Tube of this “ThisWasSupposedToBeAwesome!” tube of Mascara in your makeup junk Drawer! LOL!
I am slowly making changes to suit my needs. I Let go of being on the cast of the #FashionistaShow, It Just didn’t fit into my life right now! Ill miss hanging out with them, but behind the show were business aspects that i JUST Didn’t have time for! I Truly wish them the best! I’m also looking for an apartment with SPACE!!! LOL!!! I Need to be in my own place and organize my life the way that makes sense to me! (Y’all Have NOOOOO IDEA!!! LMAO!!! And I need to get back to working out and eating right, which isn’t working because my MIND IS TOO CLUTTERED!!! Y’all get the Picture! 🙂
All That Glitters isn’t Gold people! Take the time to sit back and figure out what is truly important in your life and work towards that. VALUE isn’t always measured on having the newest of everything on the market…neither is it defined on that notion that “Every One is Doing it!”. 
in the Words of Shameless Maya…
I Hope this post helped someone Re-Focus…it was very therapeutic for me 🙂
Thank you Guys for reading!

6 thoughts on “All that Glitters…

  1. I'm sorry you are struggling some right now, but things tend to work themselves out…I, too, used to work between 60-80 hours a week,all in the name of trying to prove that I could do it all…I learned I can't…I quit that job…can you believe it…quit a job without even having another one…but, I've been okay….I'm going to do what works for me for a while. Hope you do the same. Really gonna miss you on the Fashionista Party show, but will keep up with you on your YouTube channel when you have time to post…don't pressure yourself on that either…Be well, Stephanie.


  2. Hi Rose!! Yes, I am sure this will level out soon! (At Least I hope they will 🙂 I just think that With doing so much, I wasnt able to give 100% to anything…including Myself. Anyway, I really appreciate your comment, its nice ti know when others can relate to what your going through 🙂


  3. Nicole!! He hun! I Know! But the Fashionista show had more them enought DIVA's to go around! LOL!! I will Def Keep up with you and your Channels 🙂 Ill Be around ass well hun! KIT!!


    P.S Keep Movin round that Furniture! I wanna see some Ultrasound Pics!! LOL!! 😀


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