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My Winter Chic Go-To Outfit!

Today is an off day for me..and while I’m chilin on the couch, surfing the net and sipping a cup of coffee (Per usual), I began to think. If were to get up out of my lazy oasis and go run some errands…which outfit could I throw on the quickest??? Well..let me tell you! I’m STILL sitting on the couch(lol!) BUT that prompted me to share my Winter Go-to outfit! Im a very, what I call “Casual Glam” person. I like the look and feel of warm and cozy clothing with BOMB Makeup! I love a great watch and a great leather bag to add some lux to the comphy aspect. I like added detail…(Both minimal and Statement) by wearing a glam piece of jewelry or a cute bracelet. But all in all…I want to be Chic and Glam wrapped up in a World or Coziness! 
Fashion does not always have to be complicated! You don’t always have to find the perfect mixture of prints or be on the newest trend…
Its ok to be
Simple, Chic and Fabulous!
My Winter o-To Style

Thick cardigan / American Vintage cotton tank, $42 / Zipper jeans, $22 / Thick socks / Strappy boots, $55 / FOSSIL stainless steel watch / Loushelou diamond fine jewelry, $1,190 / Roberto Cavalli swarovski crystal jewelry / Paul Smith fringed shawl, $160 / Chanel lipstick / Large Ring Agenda Cover Damier Ebene Canvas, $650

Hope your New year is coming along Awesomely!!
Thank you so much for visiting! Please Share with friends!
XOXO ~Steph

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