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This Past Sunday…Spring Forward! (OOTD)

Spring is definitely upon us. Crisp early mornings eventually leads into luke-warm afternoons. This is also when our wardrobe transitions and we have to be prepared for the un-even temperatures. We feel the light and airiness of spring but still want to dress weather appropriate (Well…most of us do..some need to slow down just  bit…Im just sayin…) 

So here is my #SundayFunday Outfit!

Photo Credits: Russell Gilliam, Owner of Ingenious Images

Visit him Ingenious Images and Follow him on Instagram IngeniousRuss

Glasses: Burbank Aqua (No Link Available) Bloomingdale’s Past Season
There is something so chic about black and white stripes paired with light denim!
I love this look because its lightly layered and VERY comfortable!
If it gets too warn…I can peel off the Jacket and have a simple striped tee and could even change my shoes to a pair of sneakers for a super sporty-casual look!
The Lady Like Flats and the super light-weight Statement Necklace sharpens the look and keeps it Classy and Chic!
Whats your early Spring Go-to look??
Comment Down below!
(I’ll add more Pictures Below!)

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