Super Excited!

This is my first WordPress Blog post! Yay me!! (Yes…I’m still on Blogger, but Im exploring new options! )

So I decided to write a quick post to say HEY!!! I have been blessed with several Awesome opportunities lately and I cant wait to share them with you! (Whenever I get some “You”s! LOL!) So please follow this Blog ..I PROMISE there will be more to come!!! Hope to see so,e old and new faces along for the ride!

Love, Hugs and Kisses!


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9 thoughts on “Super Excited!

      1. Yes Steph! WordPress is much better of a platform for integration of different tools and other social media channels. It has better configuration. And yes generates traffic easy. Let me make a step by step guide for you to shift all your blogger stuff to WordPress it’ll barely take 10 minutes and you’re good to go!


      2. I think I did it! lol! Well the post are here…I might have to move my HTML (Like my influenster Badge and all that) over here by hand…but the post are moved!
        And BTW! Your awesome! Thanks for taking time out to help me! (((hugz)))


      3. Go to your Blogger settings in the Dashboard- others- Import & Back up Content. Click on Back up and Download the file. Save it to your computer.

        Then go to WordPress Dashboard- tools- Import- it will also give you an option of other importers, first option is Blogger.

        Upload the file you downloaded and it’ll start the import.


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