Shopping Tip of the Week: Make that Money honey!

Your siting on your laptop and scrolling through your favorite site…adding yet another LBD to your cart…cause this one is obliviously waaayyy different then the one you ordered last week…but, who’s keeping track right??

I don’t want Cash back, said NO ONE EVER!!! LOL!!

Well…that scenario is so besides the point (It’s ok…this is a no judgement zone…) The point is, if your gonna buy that eighth black dress…might as well get cash back while your doing it…right? Well there is a totally legit company called Ebates that had connections with thousands online retailers and offer different cash back promotions! They now also have a browser add on that automatically reminds you that the site your on is connected with them AND helps you find saving coupon codes! Like…come on people! Its a no brainer! There is ZERO charge for the service and you are making money while you shop? how easy is that???  Need another reason??? They pay you to refer your friends! How easy id that?? So…ummm why are you still here??

Click HERE to get started!!!

Till next time Lovely’s!!



Click Here for more information about EBATES!



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