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Calm, cool and collective:3 Curvy-girl Beat the Heat Tips!

Hey Hunny Bunnys!!! for most of us, its summer time! Which means a lot of things! Its time for outdoor activities, Poolside antics, and Much more! All that is great BUT when you are a larger woman…things can get a little complicated! I’m a southern girl, Atlanta, Ga specifically and when it gets hot…girl it gets hot…humid and sticky!!! I hate the feeling of bodyparts rubbing together an such. So lets get started!

1: Sharewear:  We all love a good Sundress! I know many woman who avoid wearing any type of shapewear in the summer. And that’s perfectly fine! But me?? I cant deal with the thigh rub or applying chafing gels and such that eventually wear off (Ok for the beach I would say…). So I wear the biking short type of shapewear that goes up to beneath the bottom portion of my bra. The thing is, you have to get a microfiber blend, not that shiney polyester stuff. The microfiber breathes a bit better and wont feel as hot. So here are examples of the type of shapewear you can wear under those pretty summer dresses!


2: Active Moments: Don’t let summer stop your Get-healthy efforts! First of all…STAY HYDRATED!!! Drink lots of water all day and if your active…drink even more water! They say you should drink half your body weight in Oz of water per day. (I’m still a major work in Progress!! lol!!!) But start where you are and increase daily! As far as working out, of course you can still go to the gym (duh! LOL!),But for those of us that prefer staying active outdoors, Try working out early in the morning or near sunset. Choose well fitting clothing that had moisture wicking fabrics. There is a great article by Buzzfeed that might help! You could also opt to change your workout routeen and do some in-door friendly exercises such as Zumba or Yoga! All movement counts! Here are some words of wisdom from Valarie Sagun about doing what makes you happy!

“Something I’ve always lived by is that, I can’t be anything else than who I am. Whether it’s my personality, my body, or things I enjoy. I want to be able to practice yoga, travel to new places, dance my butt off, meet new people, rock climb, camp in the wild, bike to feel free, play video games just because it’s what I enjoy and expresses myself. Why is it so strange to want to live at peace with who I am now? Be happy in the body that I am in now. Just because I am happy with who I am now does not mean that I don’t want change in my life. I try to keep myself mindfully aware of the way I live by enjoying the present moment. Here I am being me, enjoying what it is like to be me in the present. I don’t want to be anything else.”
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Valarie Sagun




3: Bathtime:  After a long hot day of sweating and just

Dr bronners

feeling sticky. I know the first thing you want to do is take a shower or bath. Well you could use your everyday soaps and shower gels, but I recommend Dr.Bronner’s Peppermint Castile soap. Although I hate to give my boyfriend the credit, he turned me on to this stuff..and OMG! The first time I used this soap, It felt so cool and refreshing, I was like WOW!!! I’m buying this stuff forever! As I stepped out of the shower, I had a tingle-ly feeling all over my body. Want to make it even better? Wash your hair with a good Tea-tree shampoo. You will be the epitome or Calm, cool and collected! And if your questioning will it make your skin feel dry, I would say don’t worry! Just follow up a good moisturizing lotion and like I always say, seal with a good oil if you have extra dry skin (I recommend coconut or almond oil). (Suggestions below!)



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I hope you enjoyed my 3 ways to beat the Summers heat! From the fight of the thighs, your most active moments…to the end of your busy day…I GOT YOU!!!

What are your Summer tips??? Share them with me in the comments!

Stay Curvy and Fabulous!

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