Short Story: Secrets


Kayla turned her head and silenced her body. She heard a noise of what she thought was coming down the hallway. She quickly, but quietly, covered the cookies that were neatly wrapped in a napkin with a throw pillow and casually scrolled through her Instagram. Kayla didn’t always eat junk food. She often craved grapes, berries and mango. Oh! And this awesome raw kale salad from her favorite healthy food store. She loves green smoothies and loves a good plate of roasted vegetables with a small side of Quinoa. As Kayla’s sister got her soda and resided back to her room, she make sure a few inits passed before she dared uncover her cookies. See, her sister was smaller then her and could eat anything she wanted. Kayla felt ashamed that she was heavier then her and angry that she ate way better then her and still continued to put on weight. She knew that she would have to work extra hard the next day to make up for these cookies she was eating. “Dammit! All I want is a few cookies…thats all! Everyone else has cravings…why cant I?” Kayla thought to herself. A wave of guilt instantly washed over her and she ate the cookie in her hand. Kayla stood up, neatly wrapped the cookies back in the paper towel, took them into the kitchen and put them in a storage bag and placed them in her purse. She grabbed a bottle of water and laid down on the couch. “Why me?” she mumbled out load, sighed, and closed her eyes. She will try again tomorrow.


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Thank you for reading…Ever felt like this?
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