JustFab Style File: “Eleri” (And a glimpse of my new home!!!

Hi Doll’s! Its been a min…right? I Know I Know! Well…good news is that I Closed on my home today! YAY ME!!! I’m so ready (from a really rough time leading up to closing) to settle down and get me a set up going…for blogging, filming and such.

ANYWAY!!! Here is Elerie! She is in the color Red…a very tomato red which can read as a tangerine color. She is Tall (4.5 I think…too tall for me!) and I will probably put her up for sale. You guys know I spent 8 plus hours on my feet per day and cant tolerate a heal that high. Which makes me sad CAUSE SHE IS SEXY AS HELL!!!!!! If you can wear a tall heal…You HAVE to get here!!!

Here’s a picture of her AND a Photo of my New Home!!

I will chat with you Dolls later!!! Smootches!!


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