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Yoins got my Coins!

Every curvy diva out there knows how important to know and understand ALL your fashion options! This includes places to shop, of course! Because of this whole Plus size revolution, there are more and more emerging options for us curvy gals! I was flattered that  Rita from reached out to me for a collaboration!  I picked out 2 items that would be perfect for Fall! I couldn’t wait to share them with you, but with the whole home buying situation, this post was delayed (BUT both items are still available! so Hurry!)

Sooooo…you guys know how I love color!!! (Gray is a color….right??? lol!!) I chose a Plus Size Long Sleeve Jersey A-Line Dress because (a) its Gray…duh! and B, I felt that it was perfect for layering and it would take me from Fall  into the Winter months. The Material is thin enough to layer and not make you feel hot, but not so thin that you can easily see through it. I rocked it with a statement necklace, but it also looks awesome with a choker. I really like this dress and feel that I will use it a lot this Fall! I will insert a Picture of the Dress and one of how I styled it

The Second Item I chose was a  Black Plus Size Lace up Front Tunic Top (My second Favorite color! LOL!!) It was a blouse, so was a little snug in the arms (I have very heavy upper arms, so this is the case for many structured fabrics. I like the top a lot, i wish the V was a bit deeper and the tie was longer (I can always but another Tie, which is an easy fix. And the not-so-deep V does make it appropriate for a casual work environment.  So here a a few pictures. The Tunic top is a bit wrinkled (Iron was MIA!!! #MovingIssues)



Those were my pics from! Just a few notes:I got a size 18 in both the dress and the Tunic, for reference. Also, this is a company based in Asia, so shipping will take a bit longer! But the prices are great, so having patience is worth it! I plan on ordering a few more things so and I will share my second experience as soon as i get my items (With my usual better quality pics! ) Fall is among us and of course I need a few more Fall pieces (and I LOVE Fall!)
Thank you Rita for being Patient with me!! Now that I’m settling into my new home and my office is on the way to being fully set up, I hope to work with Yoins again!
Thank you for stopping by my blog! I surely have more to come!

Stay Fabulous Dolls!!




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