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This Years Highlighted Christmas/Birthday Gifts!

It’s been a rough 4th quarter of this year (Speaking in Retail terms…lol!) I have had the busiest Christmas, 3 Major Visits and IM TIRED!! LOL!! I was so ready for Christmas to be over (BahHumbug!) I was not in the Holiday sprit but our traditional Christmas Brunch (Which might be our last 😦 ) made me feel a whole lot better! I love spending time with my Family!! Brunch is my favorite part of the Holiday season! Heres a pic of all the Ladies in my life! All positive and Upstanding!


Ok…what you came here for! First and foremost, I Loved ALL my gifts! My Bro and SisInLaw gave me a Home Depot Gift Card to help me out with my new home!! TRUST ME!! THIS WILL COME IN HANDY!! My mom gave me an electric Tea Kettle ( #MyTeaLife! LOL!!!) and I got a few other things, but here’s what I wanted to show you!

First, my Eldest Niece got me a Mug! I’m OBSESSED with mugs! Yall just don’t know! (Well..if you follow my Instagram you just might get the drift…lol!) But I have been lusting after this mug for a min! Its white with gold lips! OBSESSED!!


If you can’t tell…Im an uber glam being…I had to have this mug! And keeping on the Glam-train…I got these Oh-so-Chic Mittens from one of my associates! They are super cute (From Marshalls) and will be snuggly when the temperature drops! And whats makes these glam?? The FUR!!!!! (Faux Fur!)


The Next item I wanted to share was a Gift I purchased for myself for my Birthday. My Birthday was spent at work…per usual. I was having a very off day…so then comes the shopping! Comment HEY!!! for Retail therapy! LOL!! I purchased this Arcadia bag…I LOVE their bags! They are Luxe Italian bags without the hefty price tag!! Well…at Marshall’s/TJMaxx they have great deals on them! (This one was only $129.99!)


And last but not least! Tiss the season for Hella skin care! I am a fan of exfoliating and I love s good smelling sugar scrub! LaLicious is BOMB!!! It is this luxurious whipped sugar scrub with a lush, but mild lemony scent!! I WILL be buying more!! You HAVE to plus this in your skin care arsenal!


Thank you for allowing me to share with you my gifts! Wanna get me a Birthday Present?? Subscribe to my blog! It would mean the world to me! :::Insert Big Cheezy Smile:::

As always, Stay Fabulous!


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